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With WebCam / NetCam related software from CrazyPixels, working with your video devices is an easy task! From private use to professional camera surveillance -- all areas are c eldorado.casinoovered. The easy-to-use programs are very powerful and flexible. Graphic and internet related software are also a topic of our interest

WebCam pic

is updated. Some internal online casino games at Karamba improvements are made and now picture capture by button press is possible.

CrazyBackup a new Freeware
tool is released. ImageConverter and SuperClip are updated!

13.07.2004 CamUniversal 1.5 is out. See the development history for news!

21.06.2004 CamUniversal 1.4 is out. Thank you for the many resonances!!

CamUniversal 1.3 is out. Several internal improvements and french language support!


The CrazyPixels Shareware Product Line

CamUniversal supports all Video Devices


  • for WebCams
  • for NetCams ( IP-Cams )
  • and for all further Video Devices
  • with a Motion Detector
  • with a Scheduler with numerous functions
  • all Cameras simultaneous
  • all Functions parallel
  • with DirectShow support
  • with a Network Server Client functionality to send all camera videos through your LAN from one PC to another
  • Multiple Languages support
WebCam-Control-Center shim CamSurveillance shim CamLAN shim A Great Grabber
WebCam-Control-Center CamSurveillance CamLAN A Great Grabber
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The CrazyPixels Freeware Product Line
Download Superclip Download CrazyBackup Download ImageConverter
SuperClip CrazyBackup ImageConverter
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